Simply Fitness was created as a stage for me to share information about fitness on a much greater scale than I can as a personal trainer.  Posts are about exercise, eating and drinking habits, along with other conditions which have an impact on overall fitness.  As much as I love the one-on-one aspect of personal training, it is a limiting factor in helping a larger number of people to improve their level of fitness.  With this blog, I hope to reach many more and take the ‘complicated’ out of fitness.

Fitness does not have to be complicated.  I want to help make getting in better shape much easier.  Here in the United States, we have a very unfit population.  In fact, over 70 % of adults are overweight and obese.  That’s something which needs to change.  There are many reasons why our population is in such bad shape.  But, those reasons don’t matter if we are not serious about changing that number.  It doesn’t have to be as complicated as most think it is.  Anyone can improve their fitness level.

I have been a personal trainer for over 20 years.  I have also taught university-level physical education courses part-time while maintaining a personal training business and owning a small fitness center.  I have worked with over a thousand people to help them with their various fitness challenges.  During that time I have answered, or tried to answer, fitness questions.  There are many questions I seem to answer over and over.  And, some unique questions I have had to research.  I aim to write about these and many more topics.

So, how might this blog be different from the many, many fitness blogs out there?

  1. I read a lot of medical articles, lay magazines, and specific studies done in different areas of science. I have read many, many research studies and articles specifically about health and fitness over the years.  I enjoy learning new things in this field.  I will cut through the clutter and really technical language to write to you in plain English.
  2. I will tell you my honest opinion, even if others may not agree with my ideas. I believe it is necessary to ask the most important questions “What”, “Why?”, “Why not?” and “How?”  Yes, the other big questions (“Who?”, “Where?” and “When?”) are important, too.
  3. I know the average person does not LIVE for fitness. (Insert eye roll.)  So, I understand that there is much more to your life than working out and eating like a saint.  Understanding this basic fact is very important when encouraging someone to do better for their health.
  4. I will sometimes post a story which is only loosely related to fitness, or not at all related. You can skip these posts if you want.  But, who knows?  Maybe you’ll get something out of them.  Even if only a laugh.
  5. I have a bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science and a master’s degree in Sport Pedagogy. I am certainly not saying that all fitness bloggers are uneducated or unqualified.  I am letting you know, however, that the personal training profession does not have any licensure requirements.  Many trainers in this profession do not have any education, certification, or even experience in fitness, let alone university degrees, to back up their practices.  The things I’ve seen untrained trainers do over the years is mind-boggling!  I will always strive to give the best advice.
  6. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I believe that it is possible for a ‘fitness movement’ to take hold in our country. I know there is not one specific thing that will accomplish this.  But, through the work of many people like me, maybe we can make a difference.

I plan to write about basic fitness principles and specific topics of interest.  I am open to answer any fitness questions you may have.  I will give you the best answer based on my research and experience.  I will let you know if I don’t know the answer.  Then, I will do my best to research that topic.  I welcome any comments, any suggestions, and any criticisms.  Although no one likes to be criticized, constructive criticism leads to better knowledge and understanding.  So, please let me know what you’re thinking.

The human body is amazing!  It is also fairly logical.  It is made up of systems.  These systems are pretty consistent with how they function.  Yes, I know there are exceptions.  I’ve dealt with my share.  However, if we try the basics to get ourselves in better shape, we are likely to improve.  If we do not improve by working with the basic principles known to improve fitness, we have found the exception and can move forward.

If we do not try, we will not improve.  If we do not try, we will not know what being fit and living a healthy lifestyle feels like.  It feels really good!  The most common thing I hear from my clients after working with them for only a couple of weeks is that they feel better – more energy, better sleep, and overall happier – than they did before they started working out.  That’s after only a couple of weeks!  If they had not even tried, they would not know this feeling.

So, if you would, please sign up to follow my blog right now.  It will help me grow so that I can reach more people.

And, now for the legal disclaimers.

The material appearing on SimplyFitness.blog is for educational and entertainment use only.  It should not be used as a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.  Please, have your doctor give you a thorough exam before starting any fitness program.  SimplyFitness.blog does not endorse any of the products or services advertised on the website.  Moreover, SimplyFitness.blog does not select every advertiser or advertisement that appears on the website.  It is up to you to research these services or products advertised.