Back From Hiatus!

What I wish my office ceiling looked like!  Photo by Annie Spratt


Just a quick note to let you know that I will be posting more articles after an unexpected hiatus.  I have been working on some projects which have taken up my blogging time.  In addition, I moved to a new apartment.  (Moving can be a pain, right?)  Now that I’m settled in, and some of the other projects have calmed down, or have been completed, I can get back to writing fitness articles in my spare time.

Also, I have stopped having ads on my blog.  I had hoped that I could generate a little income to support this blog by allowing ads on my page.  However, I had no control over what kind of ads would appear.  After seeing several ads for products I do not support and had nothing to do with health and fitness, and one which was just plain offensive to fitness, I have suspended that service.  I may have ads in the future.  But, I will try to only have ads which I support.

Thanks for following my blog and I will be posting more within a day or two!


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