Amazon Prime Day and Fitness

tim mossholder open photoAmazon Prime Day Is Today!

Just a short post to remind you all about Amazon’s Prime Day.  It starts today at 3 PM and runs for 36 hours.

Why am I reminding you?  Because there are going to be some good deals on Sports & Fitness merchandise, Athletic Clothing and Technical gear for Fitness.  This includes Wearable Fitness Trackers and all sorts of exercise equipment.

They will also have Lightning Deals and more special offers on Fitness-related items and so much more.

Not a Prime Member, Click here –> Sign Up for Amazon Prime

Already a Prime Member, Click here –> Amazon Prime Members

Just shopping for Fitness Gear, click here –> Amazon Fitness Gear

If you want to shop for fitness trackers, exercise clothing, or exercise equipment, check out what’s on sale!  You may find something you’ve been missing!  For example, Fitbit already has a few on sale.  I’m not sure if they’ll lower these even more.  But, it won’t hurt to check.

Please note that all the links in this post only apply to Amazon US.  By the next prime day, I’ll have international links to pass on.  (Hopefully some promo codes, too!)

Happy shopping!


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